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Removal Tool - bushing

Removal Tool - bushing

Kit Contains;

  • 18 x sleeves - 28mm-113mm diameter (5mm increments)
  • 4 press plates
  • 4 pulling spindles covering following bolt sizes (M10,M12,M14,M16)
    • Rolled thread on spindles
    • Nuts with double washers and encapsulated lubricated ball bearings for strength and longevity (stops nut from binding and stripping thread)

Ideal for bearings, bushes, spherical joints or other applications. Can be used on workshop press or better yet on car simply and easily. Less force required to remove / install bushings, bearing and joints making use easy even without power tools.

Most old and new suspension bushings are pressed in and out with old bearing shells, sockets or just anything you can find. This creates a safety issue, given that heat treated steel will shatter under stress. The assortment of sleeves that make up the Whiteline Press Tool Kit are made from mild steel to allow distortion or crush when over-pressed. These newly designed tools provide an easy way to install and remove Whiteline polyurethane bushings and aid in other workshop pressing requirements.

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26 piece press in/out tool kit

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