The Ultimate Subaru VA WRX Suspension Upgrade!

Here’s the latest innovation in Subaru WRX performance tuning – the Whiteline Subaru VA WRX Grip Series Kit (GS1-SUB008). For those passionate about driving and performance, this suspension upgrade kit isn't just an accessory; it's a crucial enhancement to the already impressive Subaru WRX. Let's dive in to see what makes this kit a pivotal upgrade for Subaru enthusiasts.

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Tackles the Challenges of Understeer

The Subaru WRX, like many performance cars, are factory-tuned to understeer at the limit of grip, a common setup to make the car more manageable for the average driver. However, for those who crave a more dynamic and pleasurable driving experience, this can be a limitation. The Whiteline VA WRX Grip Series Kit steps in to address this, drastically improving chassis balance and reducing unwanted understeer, thereby refining the car's response to driver inputs.


Enhances Cornering and Stability

A significant issue with performance vehicles is body roll during cornering, which can diminish driver confidence and vehicle responsiveness. The Whiteline VA WRX Grip Series Kit effectively reduces body roll, ensuring a more stable and exhilarating cornering experience. This is achieved through its meticulously designed components, tailored specifically for the Subaru VA WRX.


Superior Components for an Unmatched Driving Experience!

Sway Bars and Lowering Springs, The Core of Performance

The upgrade kit includes larger diameter sway bars, outperforming the original equipment sway bars in stiffness and efficiency. The increase in roll stiffness comes without sacrificing ride quality, a key factor for daily drivers. Additionally, the adjustable sway bar blades allow for quick fine-tuning of the handling balance, providing a personalised driving experience.

The lowering springs included in the kit not only improve the vehicle's aesthetics by reducing the wheel-to-fender gap but also lower the vehicle's centre of gravity. This reduction in weight transfer is crucial for improved handling, especially at higher speeds and during aggressive manoeuvres.


Unparalleled Quality and Durability

The sway bars in the kit are precisely bent for a perfect fit, with blade ends that are one-piece forged for increased strength and durability. Included in the kit are heavy-duty endlinks that feature adjustable, low compliance ball joints, which enhances the overall reliability of the suspension system. The polyurethane sway bar bushings are designed for better grease retention, and included on the bars are lateral locks that prevent unwanted sway bar movement. In addition to all of this, the lowering springs are powder coated for additional corrosion resistance.


Technical Details That Set This Kit Apart 

The kit features a 26mm front adjustable sway bar and a 22mm rear adjustable sway bar, both significantly stiffer than stock, enhancing the vehicle's handling capabilities. The lowering springs result in a desirable 20mm drop, with front and rear springs specifically rated to complement the Subaru WRX's factory damper curves.


Where Performance Meets Comfort

Upgrading to the Whiteline VA WRX Grip Series Kit means not only an improvement in handling and performance but also maintains the comfort and safety features of the vehicle. By lowering the car's centre of gravity as well, the unique progressive rate coil design not only boosts performance but also enhances the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Overall, this kit guarantees a reduction in body roll, improves handling, extends tire life, and enhances steering and braking response, all without compromising the ride quality, noise, vibration, harshness, or comfort of the vehicle.

Subaru VA WRX Grip Series Kit: Designed to Inspire Driver Confidence


Activate More Grip, Experience the Difference

The Whiteline VA WRX Grip Series Kit is more than just a suspension upgrade; it's a transformational change for your Subaru WRX. It promises to Activate More Grip, dramatically improve handling, and ensure a driving experience that's unrivalled in its segment. It's a complete redefinition of the WRX’s capabilities. So for those looking to unlock the full potential of their Subaru VA WRX, this kit is the ultimate solution!

Whether you're a daily driver, a weekend warrior, or a track enthusiast, the Whiteline VA WRX Grip Series Kit offers a perfect blend of performance, handling, and comfort. It's time to experience your Subaru WRX like never before, grab your Grip Series Kit today!

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