Tesla Model Y Suspension Mods in Development!



Upgrade Your Tesla Model Y Suspension

At Whiteline, we're dedicated to enhancing your Tesla Model Y driving experience through innovative suspension modifications. Our latest developments target key areas that improve performance, comfort, and durability. This post explores the cutting-edge suspension mods we are currently developing, tailored specifically for the Tesla Model Y.


Upgraded Control Arms for Silence and Longevity

Forged Aluminum Control Arms

One common issue Tesla Model Y owners face is a squeaking noise from the OE upper control arms, which is caused by water ingress into the ball joints. Our new forged aluminum control arms which will have a sealed ball joint will address this flaw, ensuring a quieter and smoother ride. These arms are also equipped with our durable polyurethane bushings, further enhancing the vehicle's stability and control.


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Adjustability and Alignment

A lack of caster adjustment in the front suspension can lead to less precise steering. Our offset front caster arm bushings not only correct this on the Model Y’s but also allow for advanced customization. Whether your Tesla is veering in one direction or you're tuning it for performance driving, our solutions provide the perfect alignment and handling precision.


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Developing Rear Suspension Upgrades for Control and Performance

High Load and Performance Solutions

The Tesla Model Y's lower inner control arms often underperform in high-load situations. We've responded with a robust spherical bearing design that significantly improves handling under these conditions. Additionally, our full range of adjustable arms for the rear suspension ensures perfect alignment for any setup—lifted, lowered, or standard height.


Adjustable Sway Bars

To further refine the driving dynamics, our adjustable sway bars increase roll stiffness, providing an unmatched driving experience. Coupled with our heavy-duty sway bars and links, these mods are essential for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle's response during high-speed maneuvers.


Diverse Model Y Suspension Upgrades: Lowering and Lifting Options

Custom Springs and Dampers

Understanding that not every Tesla Model Y owner has the same needs, we have developed both lowering springs and lift springs for it. These can be paired with our aftermarket shock absorbers, which feature adjustable dampening to cater to any desired ride quality. Our shock absorber and spring combinations will also come pre-assembled for easy installation.


Stay Tuned! More Innovations on the Way

We're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Tesla Model Y suspension mods. Keep an eye on our social media and visit the Whiteline website regularly for any further updates on our upcoming products and innovations.


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Activate More Grip, Experience the Difference

At Whiteline, we're not just about parts—we're about transforming your overall driving experience. With our advanced suspension mods for the Tesla Model Y, we offer tailored solutions that enhance performance, comfort, and vehicle dynamics. So whether you're looking to optimize for daily driving or elevate your performance standards, Whiteline is your go-to for cutting-edge Tesla Model Y suspension modifications.

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