Solving Wheel Hop on TRHamza's Stage 3 GTI

Solving Wheel Hop on TRHamza's Stage 3 GTI

Our mate TRHamza reached out to us to try and help solve some power delivery issues he was having after taking his MK7 GTI to Stage 3. A common issue with FWD cars when you start adding power is they begin develop what is referred to as tramp or wheel hop. 

What is tramp/wheel hop?

Tramp/wheel hop is caused by excessive movement from high compliance (soft) bushings under hard acceleration. As the wheels gain momentary traction the bushings experience a high amount of load, once the wheels begin to slip that load is released causing a violent thumping or shudder. This can put unnecessary stress on both the bushings and associated drivetrain components which leads to premature failure as well as reduced vehicle performance.


How can you fix this?

Whiteline has developed a number of solutions to greatly reduce this issue. By using a mix of low compliance bushings, heavy duty mounts and geometry altering components you can see as much as a 80% reduction in tramp/wheel hop. This will greatly improve power delivery, reduce drivetrain stress and create a better overall driving experience.



What parts were used for TRHamza's build?

We decided to go all out on this build. The main goal with to fix the wheel hop issue, but we also wanted to the car to handling like a Stage 3 tuned car should, so we also added in a bunch of handling upgrades too.

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