Oponeo RallyCross Championship - Final Round

Oponeo RallyCross Championship - Final Round

RallyCross has a very long history in Poland and the sport is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its attractive format which pulls large crowds of people to the stadiums and in front of the TV screens. 

Crowds at Oponeo Rallycross event in Torun Poland

Consisting of several rounds on different surfaces throughout Poland, the final round of the Oponeo RallyCross Championship 2018 took place in Torun, Poland. The final event drew hundreds of visitors, 96 crews, sunny weather and an action-packed two days of motorsport fiesta.

Crews and competitors parade the Torun RallyCross circuit in Poland

The races were held on a short and compact track, which allowed the audience to admire every moment of the race from one spot.

Crowds and spectators on stands at Rallycross event in Torun Poland

The fight between the teams was extremely fierce. Throughout the whole event, we could observe frequent pushes and contacts between cars, all at high speeds and in spectacular slides.

Damaged car slides through high speed corner at Oponeo RallyCross event in Torun Poland

As no driver wanted to let go, there were several instances where we witnessed a spectacular collision that excluded one of the drivers from the race.

Oponeo Rallycross competitor and team checking car

The competitors delivered an outstanding exhibition for the audience and whilst it's a pity that it was the last race of the season we look forward with much anticipation to what 2019 brings.

Whiteline tent with other vendors at Oponeo Rallycross Torun Poland

Congratulations to all the teams, competitors, organisers and sponsors who made the event a great success!

For a full report or to follow the Oponeo RallyCross Championship click here or follow them on Facebook.

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