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Ford Mustang S550 Rear Camber Adjustment

Original Author: David Chenery

It can be observed when installing Whiteline lowering springs or coil over system to the rear of the Ford Mustang S550 that a significant static camber gain can be achieved. So much so that the readings can be anywhere between 2-1/2 degrees to 3 degrees in negative camber.

"This can lead to issues such as inner tire tread wear and grip issues."

Ford Motor Company has provided in the rear of the steel sub frame the facility to be able to correct and adjust the static camber by way of a slotted mounting as indicated below:

Ford Mustang S550 Rear suspension slotted mounting camber adjustment

It also has been noted that a significant number of vehicles released out of the Ford Motor Company have had the upper camber control arms set with the mounting all the way inboard exacerbating the static camber issue when lowered.

To access the upper mounting bolt is a relatively simple process from under the vehicle during the wheel alignment phase and can be loosened with the nut on the front side of the control arm.

Ford Mustang S550 Rear suspension upper mounting bolt

The rear of the bolt has a locking tab so essentially the need to hold this side of the bolt when loosening is not required. See below:

Ford Mustang S550 Rear suspension Whiteline lowering spring

Due to the amount of significant load on the arm while at ride height, levering the arm outward can also be problematic to enable it to move.

Ford Mustang S550 Rear suspension lever adjustment

From this it is recommended to adjust the arm all the way outward in the slot when the wheels are at full droop and lock the nut off in this position, this will then allow when the weight of the vehicle is back on the upper arm at ride height for the arm to fall inboard when loosening the locking nut off slightly.

Holding the prybar in behind the upper arm loosen the nut enough to allow the arm to slide inboard slowly until the correct adjustment reading is required.

The nut may have to be loosened a considerable distance to allow movement of the arm due to the tube locking slots biting in and engaging into the steel frame of the housing.

Ford Mustang S550 Rear suspension slotted mounting holes camber adjustment

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