30 Years of WHITELINE

30 Years of WHITELINE

When you google the year 1991 you get some cool pop culture references. Terminator 2 was the hit at the box office, Pearl Jam and Guns N Roses were dominating, George W Bush was president of the USA and Operation Desert Storm was all over the news. And when it came to vehicles the Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Nissan 300ZX, Toyota MR-2 and Corvette ZR-1 were the latest must have vehicles with the GC Subaru in the pipeline yet to be released!

What we noticed more than anything was the term millennial or Gen Y. Now this ‘Gen Y’ is commonly associated to those born in this era and generally marked by elevated usage of and familiarity with the Internet, mobile devices, and social media, which is why they are sometimes termed digital natives.

With WHITELINE celebrating 30 years in 2021 we could not help but see ourselves as a millennial who through the use of innovation, technology and being social was able to take this underground engineering business founded in the outer suburbs of Sydney Australia to the world!

As we enter our 30th year we wish to celebrate the founders, the early adopters, our first customers, our test pilots, our forum dialogue, our project vehicles, our global travels, our social following, our successes, our failures, our innovation and most of all our enthusiasm to make a good product do great things!

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